Our concrete objectives for this partnership are emphasized as below:

  • To determine the status of education and training about food safety in VET at European level in order to detect deficiencies and weaknesses.
  • To compare one’s own different VET systems and training methods with other participating countries and to exchange best practices.
  • To increase awareness of the importance of food safety throughout the world.
  • To improve food safety levels of food products.
  • To collect information about expectations from involvement in food safety training in companies.
  • To analyze the profile of food industries interested in food safety training programmes.
  • To strengthen the use of ICT in food safety training.
  • To improve the quality of teaching and learning.


The subjects or problems we intend to address are the following:

  • The unawareness of workers about the importance of food safety.
  • The need of training for adaptability and employability of workers in food and agricultural business.
  • The need for building up dialogue among European countries in this critical period.
  • Non cooperation interest of companies.


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