Updates on Betelgeux range of products for biofilm control

Presence of biofilms in production facilities constitutes a major risk for food safety and can lead to degradation and malfunction of equipment. This is due to the protective action of biofilms on the microorganisms it hosts, reducing the performance of disinfection treatments.

Betelgeux offers a specific range of solutions for rapid detection and effective removal of biofilms in industry. These result from an R&D collaborative project with Universidad Complutense de Madrid and aina technological centre, and have proven to be a reliable complement to routine cleaning and disinfection operations in food industries.

Over the last months, a series of updates on this range of products have occurred, supporting its value as an innovative and effective solution for control of biofilm contamination:

Betelgeux was awarded the Spanish Product of the Year Prize  for its range of product for detection and removal of biofilms by Limpiezas journal. This prize remarks the innovative value of these solutions and their contribution to improvement of industry hygiene. (¿Enlace a publirreportaje?).

Betelgeux introduces new products with disinfectant properties: QUACIDE BF31 y QUACIDE BF31 EC for control of biofilms on surfaces and in circuits. These products contain a synergic combination of ingredients that effectively detaches and degrades the biofilm matrix and inactivates its microorganisms. These disinfectants are approved for use in food industries by Spain’s Ministry of Health.

A new label design has been introduced on TBF 300 Biofilm Detection Test, updating its image and containing more comprehensive information on its use and properties.

The new cathalogue on solutions for detection and removal of biofilms contains these updates as well as relevant information on biofilm properties and their impact in the industry and the more adequate strategies for controlling biofilm presence and improve food safety.

Additionally, Betelgeux has successfully fulfilled the requisites for obtaining patent protection on TBF 300 Biofilm Detection Test and products for removal of biofilms. The process for concession of international patents is well advanced and this supports the innovative value of the solutions developed for biofilm control

More information on https://www.betelgeux.es/en/products/detection-and-elimination-of-biofilms/