Personal Hygiene

Hygiene of the aliment handlers is an indispensable requirement for ensuring food safety. This hygiene is based on personal hygiene practices and on hygienic handling of the food product.

To ensure food handling personnel works under hygienic conditions, they must be provided with products and equipment necessary for hand washing and decontamination, boots cleaning, soles washing, etc.

Hand washing and decontamination

  • Sinks EWG 1-S-K
  • Sinks EWG 2-3-4-5-6
  • Hands disinfection HD-WM

Boots and soles cleaners

  • Sole cleaner EZW
  • Sole cleaner DZW
  • Soles disinfection DZD

Hygienic Access Control

  • Hygienic entrance with sole disinfection DZD-HDT
  • Hygienic entrance with sole disinfection DZW-HDT
  • SANICARE hygienic entrance with sole cleaning and hands disinfection.
  • Hygienic entrance and exit COMBI