Aerial disinfection

Aerial disinfection of rooms and surfaces is an optimal solution for critical contamination points in industries, allowing microorganism control in non-accessible areas. This process requires specific disinfectants and spray/fogging equipment.

Aerial disinfection is complementary or alternative to traditional disinfecting methods, and is based on application of a disinfectant solution using spray or fogging equipment. By applying pressurized air, the disinfecting solution is released as small particles, forming a fog-like air suspension which behaves as a gas and reaches all areas within the room. The disinfectant solution particles settle on every surface in the room, forming a thin layer that enables control of microorganism contamination.

We offer an innovative hygiene system for preventing contamination due to fungi growth in cheese manufacturing industries, cured meat industries and industrial bakeries. The Fungi Contamination Control system (FCC) is based on periodic fogging of a fungi-controlling product based on food additives. This system allows controlling and reducing room and surfaces fungi contamination in the presence of foods, minimizing logistic inconveniences as is the case of traditional disinfection methods.