Control of Contamination by Fungi

The System for Control of Contamination by Fungi (CCF) developed by Betelgeux is an innovative solution for preventing food contamination in drying chambers. This methodology comprehensively addresses the needs for fungi control in these facilities, through the following phases:

  • Inspection of facilities and identification of needs.
  • Disinfection of facilities and atmospheres.
  • Periodic treatment with DECTOCIDE© VA20.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the treatment.
Thus, presence of mould contamination on surfaces of the final product is minimised, achieving a reduction of costs and improving the aspect of the product.
The CCF System includes a continuous program for treatment of chambers where foods are being dried. The product DECTOCIDE© VA20 is applied by nebulization using Betelgeux’s X3 Fogging system. A fine fog is thus generated, allowing the product to reach all surfaces of foods and facilities. DECTOCIDE© VA20 is composed of a mixture of food additives with anti-fungal properties. Due to this, this product can be safely applied in presence of foods such as cheese and cured meat, as their properties are not affected.
Several studies have confirmed that periodic application of DECTOCIDE© VA20 in drying chambers as part of the CCF System reduces effectively mould counts on surfaces and in the atmosphere. The CCF System provides a great advantage against common contamination control methods in these kind of facilities. These usually involve periodic emptying and disinfecting the chambers, with high costs and logistic problems associated.