Detection and elimination of biofilms

Betelgeux has developed and innovative kit for biofilms detection based on the selective dying of the biofilm exopolimeric matrix. This product is a superior alternative to traditional biofilm control methods based on surface sampling, incubation and microorganism counts.

The new TBF 300 BIOFILM DETECTION TEST is applied as foam on surfaces for hygiene control. After rinsing with water, coloration remains on biofilm growth places, allowing a rapid and easy identification of contamination areas.

This innovative product is available in a ready-to-use format, easy to handle and transport. TBF 300 is a very useful resource for controlling the hygienic conditions of surfaces.

Betelgeux has also developed a high performance range of products for efficient removal of biofilms on surfaces (QUACIDE BF31) and in circuits (QUACIDE BF31 EC).

These novel products are based on a synergic combination of chemicals that efficiently eliminate biofilm contamination by removing biofilms from surfaces, degrading the biofilm matrix and inactivating its microorganisms. These products represent a more economic and efficient alternative to current enzyme-based products for biofilm control.

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