Surface Cleaning and Disinfection

Food processing under adequate hygienic conditions requires cleaning and disinfecting work surfaces where foods are being handled, as well as non-direct food contact surfaces in handling, processing and storage rooms. This is done to minimize potential cross-contaminations that may affect food safety and products quality and shelf life.


  • Alkalyne degreasing detergents
  • Neutral degreasing detergents.
  • Acidic detergents.
  • Foam-controlled detergents.
  • Other cleaners.
  • Surface disinfectants. 
  • Detergent-disinfectants.
  • Fast action disinfectants.


  • Surface cleaning.
  • Foam cleaning.
  • Surface disinfection by spray or sprinkle.
  • Intermediate disinfections in critical contamination points.
  • Etc.
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