Project Description

The project was based on the creation of materials allowing personalized training for short training cycle of harvesters of fruit and vegetables.

Aimed at different groups of workers who are responsible for the harvest of horticultural products continuously or temporarily.
This is a new training product, specific and pedagogically adapted to the group of harvesters of fruit and vegetables. The training product is eminently graphic in order to facilitate the access to the vocational training by immigrants who are hired in horticulture more often for campaigns or short periods of time without any training. The variability of harvesting standards depend on the horticultural product concerned, making necessary to create a different material depending on the product, but always bearing in mind that include horticultural products with higher production in Spain.
The main advantages of this product, not only facilitate access to specific training for the immediate acquisition of the skills required by the worker, but also give the employee the option to choose the time and the right pace for proper learning the contents. It is intended that workers receive the training necessary to perform the tasks of harvest through videos and with the support of a manual, this makes it a very attractive material and ease of use that does not require specific means that are available for many of the workers, you only need a home DVD player or a personal computer to carry out this training. The videos will also be available in a format to being displayed through mobile phones, PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) etc.. allowing training in a mobile environment on handheld devices.


Federación agroalimentaria Comisiones Obreras, as project manager being responsible for the validation of training products and reporting.

Betelgeux collaborating in the coordination of the project and being responsible for content development, edition, design and layout of the training products and validation thereof.
Fundación para la I+D del trabajo agroalimentario (FIDTA), collaborating in the management of the project, in the validation of contents and training materials.

Funding Programme:

  • Fundación Tripartita para la formación en el empleo.
  • Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal.