Sexta-feira 22 de Março de 2013

Access Control - Betelgeux

Betelgeux offers at the disposal of the food processing industry their range of hygienic control of accesses. With these equipments the correct hygiene of the food handlers and of the operators in food production areas is guaranteed.

Food handlers can contribute to the spread of foodborne illnesses, incorporating microorganisms carried on their bodies or spreading microorganisms proceeding from other sources.

Food handlers are carriers of altering and pathogenic microorganisms. 40 % of people are carriers of Staphylococcus aureus.

To avoid cross-contamination, Betelgeux has a wide range of hygienic control of accesses for food processing industries.

- Hands disinfection
- Soles brushing and washing
- Soles disinfection
- Equipment for cleaning and disinfection of hands and footwear

Available with hygienic dryer Dyson that allows faster hands drying.