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Quarta-feira 12 de Dezembro de 2012

Moulds Sanitation - Betelgeux

Poor hygiene in moulds can cause alterations in the cheese, both from a technological and microbiological point of view. Betelgeux offer a wide range of alkaline and acid products for moulds cleaning to remove organic and inorganic dirt. Those products have...

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Terça-feira 19 de Fevereiro de 2013

Satellite HD45-B - Betelgeux

The Satellite HD-45B can perform the tasks of rinsing with water at medium pressure (20 bar), foaming with detergent and disinfecting facilities surfaces. Fixed decentralized satellite for:  - Pressurized water spraying - Foaming  - Disinfection - Pressurized water cleaning Dosing system with two venturi systems thatt...

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Terça-feira 13 de Novembro de 2012

TBF 300 Biofilm detection test - Betelgeux

AWARD: Product of the Year 2013 TBF 300 biofilms detection test is a rapid method for detection of microbial biofilms on surfaces of food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. It provides qualitative information on biofilm presence on the surfaces asessed.

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Terça-feira 05 de Março de 2013

MOBISAT Mobile Satellite - Betelgeux

The MOBISAT mobile satellite is a complete cleaning system that allows optimizing the efficiency of cleaning and disinfection in the food industry. This equipment allows choosing among different operations: - Rinsing - Foaming - Disinfection The MOBISAT satellite is very suitable for establishments with many...

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Sexta-feira 22 de Março de 2013

Access Control - Betelgeux

Betelgeux offers at the disposal of the food processing industry their range of hygienic control of accesses. With these equipments the correct hygiene of the food handlers and of the operators in food production areas is guaranteed. Food handlers can contribute...

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Quarta-feira 10 de Abril de 2013

Hands Washing - Betelgeux

Hands are the one of the most important body parts for food handlers and one of the main sources of germs infection. Food handlers should keep their hands properly clean by following a thorough washing procedure.

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Terça-feira 30 de Abril de 2013

Hands Disinfection - Betelgeux

In the food industry, the disinfection of the hands of food handlers is one of the strategies for the prevention of foodborne illnesses. Betelgeux offers a wide range of products for disinfection and fast drying of the hands of food handlers. Betelgeux...

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Terça-feira 27 de Novembro de 2012

Control of contamination by fungi

The system for Control of Contamination by Fungi (CCF System) developed by Betelgeux allows moulds control on cheese and cured meats surfaces. Aerial application of food additives: Dectocide VA20. Fogging equipment. Process control audits.

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Quarta-feira 23 de Janeiro de 2013

Aerial Disinfection of Surfaces - Betelgeux

Aerial disinfection of surfaces is a strategy for the control of contamination on surfaces and environments in the food industry, complementary to the traditional disinfection. Its application allows access to areas and elements where the traditional disinfection by pulverization does not...

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Quinta-feira 20 de Dezembro de 2012

Importance of Hygiene in Food Industry - Betelgeux

It is highly important to mantain the highest hygienic standards while working as food component enable to spread and multiplication of altering and pathogenic microorganisms. A high level of hygiene in food industries is benefitial for the consumer, workers and the...

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Quinta-feira 20 de Dezembro de 2012

Technical Assistance - Betelgeux

The Betelgeux technical team collaborates with quality technicians in the food industries to solve their hygiene problems, offering effective and profitable solutions. Betelgeux has a team of highly qualified professionals to develop technical assistance visits, offering solutions tailored to each type...

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