Project Description

The project was based on the development of a training product, for online training trought personal computers. The material on which the product deal is Health and Safety in a bakery and pastry.

Aimed at groups of workers engaged in the manufacture of bread, bakery products and pastries, such as: baker, bakery producer, processor of mass and pizza bases and workers involved in food processing, etc.
The project intends to create a training product that represents an improvement of the accessibility and meet the training needs in terms of quality and safety in bakery and pastry workshop.
Hygiene and safety are issues that concern all workers from the bakery-pastry sector, regardless of the specific activity to develop. These are issues that must be present in all the activities taking place in the sector.


Betelgeux, as coordinator and project manager being responsible for content development, edition, design and layout of training products and thereof validation and final reporting.

Fundación para la I+D del trabajo agroalimentario (FIDTA), collaborating in the management of the project, in the validation of content and training materials.
Granaforma, collaborating in the development and validation of contents, training material as well as reporting.

Funding Programme:

  • Fundación Tripartita para la formación en el empleo.
  • Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal.


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