Project Description

This is a project which aims are to achieve integrated management of policies that on the one hand facilitate retraining of workers affected by ERE (job regulatory dossiers) belonging to disadvantaged groups and also enhances their employability through employment training so that they acquire the skills necessary and, in case of termination of the contract to meet the labor needs of other sectors less affected by the crisis.

The purpose of the forums was to define and establish a meeting place and communication that contribute to the development and implementation of processes to retrain workers in crisis companies that are undertaking dossiers of employment regulation, thereby ensuring improving employability, skills and reduce unemployment.

To achieve the objective of the proposal there were implemented various initiatives such as a virtual forum, presential forums and publication of the "Guide to good practice on worker retraining processes affected by ERE".

Core Partners:

  • Federación agroalimentaria Comisiones Obreras (CCOO).
  • Betelgeux.
  • Granaforma.

Funding Programme:

  • Fundación Tripartita para la formación en el empleo.
  • Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal.


More info: